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A lineup of professional products suitable for science museums and facilities that have full-scale planetarium domes.
We present full service from equipment installation to training and maintenance.
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Optical planetarium solution

MEGASTAR is a planetarium which reminds you of our belonging to the Milky Way Galaxy For the first time in the world, the MEGASTAR represented the Milky Way as a group of stars and projected more than one million stars at once. Although naked eye cannot distinguish them, it is undoubtedly a scattering of small stars shining there one by one. By faithfully displaying such a faint existence, we made it possible to reproduce the depth of the real starry sky. People who experience the MEGASTAR starry sky are moved to tears as it unwittingly glimpses the mystery of the creation of the Universe hidden in the depths of life.

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Hybridization with Digital planetarium solutions

MEGASTAR is also suitable for combining with digital planetarium systems. It has a position alignment function for calibration, a solid-state shutter, a Brightstar projector with individual dimming function, an Open Network interface, so it can be used together with digital planetarium systems of other manufacturers.
Combination case history: SpaceTime (Front Pictures)、SkyExplorer (RSA COSMOS), Uniview (SCISS), StellaDome Pro(AstroArts), Digistar (E&S), DigitalSky, Dark Matter (Sky-Skan), etc.

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Bright as the Sun, faint as a black dwarf!
The LED controller with the world’s highest contrast of 1/10 million. [patented]

NanoDimmer is an LED dimmer with ultra-wide contrast range developed using the latest circuit technology to satisfy demanding requirements of public planetarium facilities and dark environments.

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Portable products

Even at home, you can enjoy a full-scale starry sky as you can see at a science museum.


Ultimate personal planetarium.
Introducing supreme starry sky into your everyday space.

The first planetarium for personal use in the MEGASTAR series. We condensed to a compact body the best part of MEGASTAR technologies for precise drawing the scattering of stars of the Milky Way.
It can be used in small domes as well as in dark rooms in a bar, restaurant, at home, etc.
190mm (diameter) × 240mm (height) / 4kg (without controller and cables)

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Products developed by partner companies based on technology owned by Ohira Tech Ltd. Books written by Takayuki Ohira, other products.
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HOMESTAR related products (Sega Toys, Sega)

It is the world's first optical planetarium for use at home. It was born through collaboration with Sega Toys under supervision of Takayuki Ohira. Since its launch in 2005, sales exceed 1.7 million units worldwide (as of Feb 2021). Takayuki Ohira is in charge of the preparation of data for star plates. It makes possible enjoying the real starry sky even at home. Along with launching various models other related goods were born.

Books by Takayuki Ohira

Books and magazines published under supervision of Takayuki Ohira