Designed for domes with a diameter of 15~30m, compatible with the MEGASTAR-FUSION

MEGASTAR-III is the latest optical star projector designed for large domes. It is compatible with the MEGASTAR-FUSION system and has the most number of projectors for bright stars in MEGASTAR series (135 independent projectors). Being similar to MEGASTAR-IIA in its core architecture, it is facilitated with three layers of surrounding twilight projectors, automatically synchronizing with Sunset and Sunrise. LED is selected as the main light source. 135 bright stars can be controlled independently allowing smooth fade on/off. Combination with the MEGASTAR-FUSION makes possible automatic turning off stars overlapping with a digital image. MEGASTAR-III provides the beauty of the optical starry sky and is perfect for simultaneous use with a digital system, which enables a realistic and versatile space representation.


Number of projected stars

From 1 million up to 20 million stars. You can choose for yourself a sky with 1 million stars with easily distinguished constellations, or go up to 20 million stars for a magnificent starry sky that you can also search for star clusters using binoculars.

As many as 135 bright star projectors

Each bright star is reproduced with its color and magnitude. Bright stars can be controlled independently allowing smooth fade, on/off, and variable stars simulation.Twinkle option is available by request.

Solid state shutter

It is an electronically controlled shutter without mechanical parts, which makes possible to mask an arbitrary range of the starry sky or to display only an arbitrary range. The solid state shutter can be used for both horizontal and tilted domes, and remarkably improves compatibility with a digital video.

Equatorial camera & laser

The camera and laser device are mounted in the central belt part of the main body. It makes possible easy calibration of the star projector and precise position alignment with a digital planetarium.

Manual console

The optional Manual console enhances operability. Motion, brightness and custom controls become available within touch with analog feeling.

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