Bright as the Sun, faint as a black dwarf!
The LED controller with the world’s highest contrast of 1/10 million. [patented]
Born in planetariums, ultra-wide range lighting system NanoDimmer

NanoDimmer is an LED dimmer with ultra-wide contrast range developed using the latest circuit technology to satisfy demanding requirements of public planetarium facilities.
In most situations, the LED is an outstanding alternative to incandescent lamps, but despite it features superior color reproducibility, there is a problem that the brightness of LED lights cannot be lowered below a significantly high threshold level.
Public planetarium facilities require that the brightness of lighting can be changed smoothly over a vast range, from daytime to the darkness of night full of stars.
NanoDimmer came to meet these requirements. It is developed by Ohira Tech Ltd., the manufacturer of cutting-edge optical planetarium projectors, such as MEGASTAR series, certified by Guinness World Records in 2004 and 2010 as the world`s most advanced planetarium projector.
NanoDimmer works with three colors RGB bright strips, enabling a full-range smooth transition from brightest to faintest light by using own developed wide range light control circuit (patented).
NanoDimmer can reproduce a transition from the dazzling sun to the light of fireflies that slightly shimmer in the dark. It is available not only for planetarium facilities, but also as an interior lighting in shops, etc. or in environments where natural light is necessary for a performance or a show.
· Ultra-wide contrast range. Smooth control of brightness from maximum through twilight to zero with 1/10 million pitch.
· Full color compatibility. Individual dimming for each of three RGB color channels.
· Compatible with DMX512. Compatibility with the lighting industry standard DMX512 allows use with an already available dimming control device.
· Compatible with various LEDs, tape light, etc. Direct-drive tape light is also supported. (Anode common, compatible with RGB-LED of 24V DC)
[Main application]
· Interior lighting. As a cove light it can express natural brightness and color change without damaging the ambience.
· Planetarium.
· Stage lighting in theaters. As lighting for shows it exerts its power in environments requiring fine brightness.
[Technical explanation]
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