Designed for domes with a diameter of 5~15m

MEGASTAR-Neo is an optical planetarium designed for domes with a diameter of 5 to 15m. It was developed as a simple, low-cost and long-use solution affordable for small to medium size planetarium halls.
By adopting a newly developed highly efficient optical projection system and the latest ultra-bright white LED, we succeeded in developing an ultra-compact body with ⌀320mm spherical part. The total weight of the MEGASTAR-Neo is 33 kg (19 kg of upper unit + 14 kg of bottom azimuth rotation device). One person is enough to handle its lightweight body, and it is possible to transport the device even by an ordinary courier service, which is an unprecedented feature for a conventional planetarium installation. The maintenance at the site becomes easy, and the main unit can be shipped by courier service if required.
Because it is tiny, it does not disturb the view of spectators. A gravity shutter provides light shielding below the horizon line.
Projection hemispheres unit can function as 2 axis star projector. The separable azimuth base unit adds the azimuth axis (default configuration).
MEGASTAR-Neo projects plenty of stars as separate fine particles, even those which can not be distinguished with the naked eye. It can reproduce the real Milky Way with the depth known to optical projectors of the MEGASTAR series.
MEGASTAR-Neo contains 12 projection units and 16 bright star projectors. The latest ultra-bright white LED appears as a primary light source. MEGASTAR-Neo has a maintenance-free design which does not require lamp replacement.


Ultra compact

The diameter of spherical unit is only 320mm, the total weight is about 33 kg (19 kg of upper unit + 14 kg of bottom azimuth rotation device). One person can easily handle its lightweight body, and it can travel by an ordinary courier service. Besides easy maintenance at the site, a rapid delivery is available in case of emergency.

Depth of the starry sky

The projected number of stars is 1 million in default configuration. A plenty of stars appears as separate fine particles, even those which can not be distinguished with the naked eye, and the depth of the starry sky is reproduced extremely real. While having a tiny body, it is capable to generate a sharp starry sky justifying the name of MEGASTAR.

Bright star projectors

Standard configuration has 16 bright star projectors mounted. Twinkle function is available. Each bright star is reproduced with its color and magnitude. Bright stars can be controlled independently allowing smooth fade, on/off, and variable stars simulation.


Laser is mounted in the central belt part of the main body. It makes possible easy calibration of the star projector and precise position alignment with a digital planetarium.

Communication with a digital planetarium

It is developed to be used together with a digital planetarium. A combination of optical and digital systems allows to correspond to a wide range of utilization.

Manual console

The optional Manual console enhances operability. Motion, brightness and custom controls become available within touch with analog feeling.

Specification table

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