The personal planetarium - turn your room into magnificent starry space

In Ohira Tech, Takayuki Ohira, the creator of the first professional portable planetarium projector, developed the Megastar Class, which is the first compact and portable opt-mechanical star projector to simulate a full sky starry environment. This was possible due to the use of an ultra-bright LED light source, original metallic star plates manufactured by Ohira Tech, and a fish-eye projection lens.

CLASS is acronym for C (Compact), L (Light), A (Accurate), S (Simple) and S (Silent).
It projects over one million stars in thier real positions and magnitude, on full dome surface.
It demonstrates diurnal motion of the stars and a special lights effect such as Twilight, blue sky, and other effects.
Megastar Class is optimal to use in private dark space as well as business and show space such as bars, restaurants, spa and other facilities, of course for the mobile domes as well.

Compact yet one million stars!


With the ultra-precise star plate unique to MEGASTAR, which accurately projects the Milky Way with a cluster of minute star grains, MEGASTAR CLASS brings the starry sky to everyday life with a new concept.

With a diameter of 190 mm, a height of 240 mm and a weight of 4 kg, it is the smallest and lightest of the MEGASTAR series, yet it has a high quality that is comparable to the professional models.  The MEGASTAR CLASS is an advanced optical planetarium projector that is easy to use, even for those without specialist knowledge.

You can enjoy a spectacular cosmic space of one million stars in a variety of environments, such as bedrooms, shops, public facilities and small domes.

Handy controller

It comes with a handy controller that allows you to control star movements, light effects, timers and various preset functions.
It is also possible to specify and project the starry sky on a date and time of your choice, for example, on your birthday.



Silent - Ideal for bedrooms

No cooling fans, a truly silent device that can be used in bed rooms, and quiet facilities such as libraries, medical facilities and waiting rooms, without worrying about annoying wind noise or motor noise.

Light effects and timers

Megastar Class is facilitated with wide range RGB LED lights that can simulate sunrise, sunset and twilights colours, as well as other effects such as candle-like flickering light. You can also create any colour you like from the colour modes.
The timer function has various preset modes combining starry sky and ambient lighting, as well as a sleep setting and a wake-up setting with a sunrise effect to wake you up.

Simple and maintenance-free

[How to use]

  1. Connect the main unit and the handy controller with the connecting cable.
  2. Connect the AC adapter to the main unit and the power outlet.
  3. Switch on the projector to project stars and ambient lighting.

  4. Turn the focus ring around the lens to adjust the focus.
  5. Adjust the stars and ambient lighting as you like with the handy controller.


What can be projected?

  • Projection 180° above the horizontal plane of the projection lens.
  • Diurnal motion at a fixed latitude of 35°N (starry sky over Japan and other locations at the same latitude).
  • Ambient lighting in any colour (full colour RGB).
  • Projection of the starry sky, ambient lighting or both at the same time.





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