HOMESTAR series (Sega Toys)

Together with SEGA TOYS, our president Takayuki Ohira developed the world’s first home optical planetarium “Homestar”.
Since its launch in 2005, it counts 1.7 million units sold worldwide (as of Feb 2021).
Various versions such as introductory models, models for use in a bath, models for women, models with digital video on board, and so on have been released so far.
There are also collaborative products with characters such as from Disney and Star Wars.

In August 2021, the new model of  “Homester” was launched, the first in Japan with a ‘twinkling star’ function.

Original colour discs, which can be used to replace the star projection plates, are also available.

Numerous variations are available on sale at the HOMESTAR official website of Sega Toys.

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