“The Science for Adults: Newest pinhole planetarium” (magazine)

Handmade planetarium kit.
It is an improved version of the popular “The Science for Adults: Vol.9 Ultimate pinhole planetarium” released in 2005.
It features an ultra small light bulb which was not available in 2005 and born as a result of a continuous study conducted jointly by Hosobuchi Electric Lamp Co., Ltd and the editorial office of “The Science for Adults” magazine.
A pinhole device which successfully projects the Milky Way! It is the result of Hosobuchi Electric Lamp Company’s craftsmanship.
Daily movement function is also on available.


Title: "The Science for Adults: Newest pinhole planetarium" (magazine)
Publication date: July, 2013
Publisher: Gakken Plus Co.,Ltd.
Price: 3,333 yen (without tax)