Designed for domes with a diameter of 4.5~11m. Ultra small planetarium solution. (discontinued product)

※ This product has been discontinued. The history of MEGASTAR series starts in 1998 when the super planetarium “MEGASTAR” projecting more than 1 million stars and representing the Milky Way as a group of independantly drawn stars, was unveiled at the London competition held in the UK by the International Planetarium Society (IPS). And now, we bring to you its astonishing descendant. The latest model MEGASTAR-ZERO holds in 11 kg ultra miniature body all the merits of MEGASTAR! The number of projected stars is more than 2 million and the MEGASTAR ‘s unique ability to reproduce the Milky Way as a group of independently drawn stars is implemented in a portable device just as big as a basketball. In addition, it adopts an LED with ultrahigh brightness as a light source, for the first time in the planetarium industry, and that also assumes a running without recurrent lamp replacement. The MEGASTAR-ZERO gives you an opportunity to easiliy reproduce beautiful starry skies in different environments such as astronomical science education, entertainment or spatial arrangement.



The body of the starball is 27 cm in diameter, as big as a basketball. One person can easily carry it as the wheight is only 11 kg. Its ultra small lightweight body restyles the image of optical planetaria.

Extremely real starry sky

A newly developed cross-optical projection system shows 2.2 million of fixed stars up through the 11th magnitude. Not to mention the Milky Way represented as a group of independantly drawn stars, more than 10 Messier objects are available. Indeed, it creates an extremely real starry sky justifying the name of MEGASTAR.

No lamp replacement is required

MEGASTAR-ZERO adopts ultra bright LED for light source. Due to a long life of 50,000 hours, lamp replacement becomes almost unnecessary.

Super quiet

No matter how beautiful a starry sky is, if there is a noise, the impression will be impaired.
MEGASTAR-ZERO applies heat transfer cooling method and has no cooling fans of L and M type.
MEGASTAR-ZERO creates a unique silent environment important for a spatial performance.

Setup takes only one minute

MEGASTAR-ZERO which can be carried by one person is also easy to set up. It creates a majestic starry sky with the convenience of the conventional pinhole type planetaria.

Examples of application

At a planetarium hall

MEGASTAR-ZERO fits well into a dome up to 11m in diameter. The beautiful starry sky, looking authentic beyond the conventional common sense, cultivate a dream about the universe at a science museum, etc.
Also, due to a newly developed automatic position alignment function (*1), it is also possible to produce more versatile effects in combination with a digital planetarium system.
*1 Automatic position alignment function: a built-in laser calibrator automatically synchronizes a digital planetarium with the MEGASTAR's starry sky.

Entertainment / spatial performance

MEGASTAR-ZERO would fulfill your dream about a beautiful starry sky in your shop, restaurant, commercial facility, museum, etc. The outstanding relaxation effect of the starry sky will turn the room itself to a different dimension.

As a mobile planetarium

MEGASTAR-ZERO is portable, no matter how you look at it.
Why don`t you carry it with a portable air dome and make a starry sky caravan?
Anytime and anywhere you can create a beautiful starry sky that is completely different from a conventional pinhole type planetarium.

Specification table