Auxiliary projectors (Sun, Moon, planets, blue sky, twilight)

Sun and Moon Projectors (large/small)

太陽月大型The ECLIPSE-SYSTEM with solar and moon projectors introducts a completely new concept in digital imaging. It draws a realistic image distinct from any conventional system. A dynamic apparent diameter, red morning and evening twilight, moon surface texture and moon phases, planet transition across the solar disk, etc. can be reproduced with complete fidelity.太陽月小型

Images projected by the ECLIPSE-SYTEM developed by Ohira Tech Ltd.

 Visitors can see the phenomena related to the sun and the moon with high fidelity and precision: the total solar eclipse with the corona, the breathtaking diamond ring, the moon shining with authentic surface texture and the earthshine, the bronzed moon during a lunar eclipse, etc. It is a cool tool that can explain solar and lunar eclipse while showing convincing images.


Planet projectors (large / small)

惑星大型Planet projectors are computer controlled devices, independent of the main body.
Using ultrabright LED light source for vivid images, you are not encumbered with lamp-replacements.
It has a stylish dome-like design with reliable and durable architecture.

Morning and evening twilight projector

itami_1It is an auxiliary projector that imitates blue sky and morning/evening twilight. Due to the LED light source with rich color expression power we produce vivid and beautiful morning/evening twilight and realistic deep blue sky.
Our own-developed super wide-range dimming circuit "NanoDimmer" (patented) makes possible smooth dimming with brightness changing to the extremely low illuminance range. It also features low power consumption and long operating life of the light source.

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