MEGASTAR-IIB / Custom-made product

Designed for domes with a diameter of 10~16m / Custom-made product

It is a middle range model made to custom-order. This product was born from a concept “to provide a star projector suitable for hundreds of medium-sized planetarium halls all around the world, a star projector which would be low at cost, easy to handle, capable of projecting the most beautiful starry sky”.

The maximum number of projected stars is 10 million, with proven ability of reproduction of the starry sky. Among medium-sized models, it has the world’s first eco-friendly specification that adopts LED as the main light source and the average power consumption of the main unit is less than 300 W. In addition, as a result of thorough maintenance-free design, extremely durable slip rings are used for contact points of all rotating parts.

It uses gravity shutters. It surely has the automatic position alignment function for the interlock with digital planetarium systems and can also be optionally equipped with solar, moon, planet projectors. Projection of high quality as good as in large-scale planetariums is available.


Number of projected stars

From 100 thousand up to 10 million stars. You can choose for yourself a sky with 100 thousand stars with easily distinguished constellations, or go up to 10 million stars for a magnificent starry sky that you can also search for nebula and star clusters using binoculars. More than 140 nebula and star clusters are presented.

Bright star projectors

Each bright star is reproduced with its color and magnitude. Bright stars can be controlled independently allowing smooth fade, on/off. Asjustable twinkle option is available by request.

Equatorial camera & laser

The camera and laser device are mounted in the central belt part of the main body. It makes possible easy calibration of the star projector and precise position alignment with a digital planetarium.

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