SWING AXIS (Optinal)

Gimbal lock free! World’s first cradle type 4-axis control technology

“SWING AXIS / Ohira Tech – Gimbal Lock Free Technology” (patent pending) is the world’s first cradle type 4-axis control technology that avoids the unnatural movements caused by gimbal locks that conventional optical planetariums have been plagued by. 
It can be installed as an option on MEGASTAR-IIA to be newly delivered.

Conventional 3-axis optical planetariums can suffer from a phenomenon known as gimbal lock, whereby certain operations result in unnatural movements, preventing the stars from moving smoothly. To avoid this, Ohira Tech has developed the world’s first new technology that allows the star to move smoothly by adding a cradle-type fourth axis to the bottom of the starball.

As a result, it is possible to avoid unnatural movements that occur when passing through a singularity, and the optical stars smoothly follow the background image projected from the digital planetarium at high speed, even in scenes where we jump out of the ground into space.
With a hybrid projection system with optical and digital systems, it has been necessary to switch from optical stars to digital stars when flying into outer space, but with a MEGASTAR equipped with SWING AXIS, sharper and more realistic optical stars can be used in even more scenes. 



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