Gimhae Astronomical Observatory (Korea)

Gimhae Astronomical Observatory is the only citizen observatory in the Gyeongsangnam region, built on the top of the mountain. It is a scientific and cultural facility equipped with a planetarium, astronomical observation experience programmes and astronomical exhibitions, where visitors can enjoy the mysteries of space and the beauty of the starry sky.

The planetarium projects programmes during the daytime and observatory staff give live explanations in conjunction with astronomical observations during the nighttime.

The hybrid projection system of the optical projector MEGASTAR-Neo (Ohira Tech) and the digital planetarium SkyExplorer 2021 (RSA Cosmos, France) allows smooth operation with an integrated interface. The digital projection uses a SONY VPL-GTZ280 projector with 4K resolution.

The system integrator is METASPACE (Korea).


Facility name: Gimhae Astronomical Observatory / 金海天文台(韓国)
Location: (50833), 254, Gaya thema-gil, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
TEL: +82-(0)55-337-3785
Dome specification: 8m diameter, horizontal 
Capacity: 40 seats
System integrator: METASPACE (Korea)
Date of installation: December, 2020

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