Bohyunsan Astronomical Science Museum (Korea)

Bohyunsan Astronomical Science Museum updated its planetarium and equipped it with the opto-mechanical projector “MEGASTAR-Neo” (Ohira Tech), a digital projection system running on “ScreenBerry” (Front Pictures) and 3D space simulator “SpaceTime360” (Front Pictures). Installed by METASPACE (Korea) in 2019. It has astronomy science displays and the telescope as well. It’s located near Bohyunsan Optical Astronomy Observatory of Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute. Bohyeon-san(mountain)  is said to be one of the best place to see stars in Korea.

This is the first installation of the hybrid system by MEGASTAR and SpaceTime360 in the world.


Facility name: Bohyunsan Astronomical Science Museum (Korea)
Location: 681-32 Byeolbit-ro, Hwabuk-myeon, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
Dome specification: 8m diameter, horizontal dome
System integrator: METASPACE (Korea)
Open for public: December, 2019

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