Incheon Student Science Museum (South Korea)

Incheon Student Science Museum near Incheon International Airport has been renewed with MEGASTAR-IIB.
In cooperation with the system integrator METASPACE (Korea), MEGASTAR-IIB is synchronized with SkyExplorer (RSA Comos) using 6 x Sony GTZ380 projectors.

The Incheon Student Science Museum consists of five exhibition halls: Dream-doli Hall, Natural History Exploration Hall, Basic Science Experience Hall, Future Science Hall, and Science Experience Hall, and provides various programs for all students from elementary school to high school.
It does not end with seeing and hearing, but by touching, feeling, and experiencing the basic science principles, children can be inspired and develop an interest in future science.


Facility name: Incheon Student Science Museum / 仁川学生科学館(韓国)
Location: 74-10, 277 Bungil, Yeongjongdae-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea
TEL: +82-(0)32-880-0792
Dome specification: 15m diameter, horizontal 
Capacity: 133 seats
System integrator: METASPACE (Korea)
Date of installation: December, 2023
Official opening after renovation: May 29, 2024

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