Macao Science Center (Macau)

MEGASTAR-IIB was installed in “the Astronomy Gallery – Stargazer“, the astronomical exhibition hall of Macao Science Center.
Merak Cosmos (China), a system integrator, was in charge of the exhibition planning. The 7m dome exhibition provides immersive experiences by the hybrid system planetarium of the MEGASTAR-IIB integrated with the SkyExplorer digital planetarium (RSA Comos, France) using the JVC DLA-NZ7BE. This facility is the only hybrid system planetarium that combines optomechanical and digital projectors in Macau.
With no fixed seating, visitors are free to come and go as they please. Through a series of exhibits, visitors can reflect on the long history of astronomical observation and learn about the mysterious stories behind the starry sky.


Facility name: Macao Science Center (Macau)
Location: Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Macao Science Center, Macau
TEL: +853-2888-0822
Dome specification: 7m diameter, horizontal (in "the Astronomy Gallery - Stargazer", the astronomical exhibition hall)
Capacity: free
System integrator: Merak Cosmos (China)
Date of installation: December, 2023

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