SL Ginga (East Japan Railway Company)

This is a project run by East Japan Railway Company as a support of reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake. A new passenger train “SL Ginga” has a planetarium room with a MEGASTAR-Jr., an ultra-small optical & digital integrated star projector, playing an original content “Night on the Galactic Railroad”. For the first time in the world an optical planetarium appeared on a train.
  [Screening program]
“Night on the Galactic Railroad” ver.1
Production: Ohira Tech Ltd.
Music: Eric Aron
  “Night on the Galactic Railroad” ver.2
Production: Ohira Giken
Music: Eric Aron  

SL Ginga

It is a sightseeing train with a restored steam locomotive "C58 239" which operates between Hanamaki and Kamaishi on the Kamaishi Line (Iwate Prefecture). Passenger cars are decorated to reproduce the early twentieth century and bring Kenji Miyazawa's "Night on the Galactic Railroad" to life.

Project members

Exterior & interior design: KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN (Kiyoyuki Okuyama)
Exhibition related to Kenji Miyazawa: writer/playwright/director Roger Pulvers / data cooperation by Rinpoosha
Exhibition of items related to railway lines and Tohoku region: Fashion journalist Yoshiko Ikoma
Planetarium: Planetarium Creator Takayuki Ohira
Exhibition concerning moon and stars: Astrology writer Saya


Facility name: SL Ginga (East Japan Railway Company)
Location: A passenger train operating between Hanamaki and Kamaishi on the Kamaishi Line (Iwate Prefecture)
Open for public: April, 2014

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