Sakado Children’s Center, MEGASTAR-FUSION regular show

They have regular weekend-shows with MEGASTAR-FUSION.
MEGASTAR-FUSION is the most advanced projection system in the world, developed by Ohira Tech, which seamlessly combines optical and digital images.
At the Sakado Children’s Centre, in addition to a very fine star-filled sky, you can also see the twinkling of stars peeking through the clouds, or a plane ride through thick clouds, and many other visual effects that have not been possible with conventional planetarium system.
Ohira Tech has an agreement with Sakado City in Saitama Prefecture to use the dome. The 10m diameter dome is used for research and development of planetarium technology, and the results are returned to the people of Sakado city in the form of exhibitions.



Facility name: Sakado Children’s Center
Location: 23 Ashiyamacho, Sakado-shi, Saitama Prefecture 350-0273, Japan
Open for public: from November, 2015

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