“Snow and stars falling on Christmas” 2018/12/14-25 Namba Parks (Osaka)

EVENT 2018.11.27

SUPER MEGASTAR-II shows stars at Namba Parks’ Christmas eventSnow and stars falling on Christmas“.
Music is by French composer & pianist Eric Aron.

The place behind the open door is just like a real universe.
A fantastic starry space opens for a limited time only.
Various events are scheduled, including painting room, enjoying art with wine and starry sky yoga.
Since the date and time, participation fee varies for each event, please visit the official website of the event.

… Snow falling music party …
On 12/23, 12/24 a romantic concert will be held with a full-fledged trio performance centered on the violin, with light, snow, and shining colors of tone.

Date: December 23 (Sunday), December 24 (Monday) 17:00~, 19:00~
Location: 2F Canyon Street
※ Please note, that arrangement and performance contents may be changed.


Event title: "Snow and stars falling on Christmas"
Event period: 2018/12/14~2018/12/25
Time: 11:30~20:30
*Concerning time for events other than planetarium, please refer to the official website of the event.
Venue: Namba Parks, 7th floor, Parks Hall
Price: planetarium is for free
*Depending on event, there are also events with admission fee. Please refer to the official website of the event.

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