Tanegashima Space Art Festival, “Star Cave 2018” 2018/11/22~24 Tanegashima, Chikura Grotto

EVENT 2018.11.01

We will participate in the Space Art Tanegashima Festival this year as well.

This year, the Super Planetarium will start operation earlier (from 9 pm). New things are “Starry Sky Terrace” where families can enjoy the surrounding beach before planetarium show start, and “Falling Star Cave” bar space where adults can enjoy late time!

It is a night event held inside the “Chikura Grotto” which is a tourist attraction representing Tanegashima island. MEGASTAR-II shines brightly on rocks of a huge wind cave shaped over thousands of years, and it combines with a sound of surging waves, and a fantastic microcosm emerges.
Takayuki Ohira’s talk show and photo contest will be held.

Also, as a related event, Takayuki Ohira’s talk show will be held by the Tanegashima University.

Because of the tide, Chikura Grotto can be entered only for about two hours per day, during low tide. Besides, night hours low tide is quite rare throughout the year. When low tide and night hours overlap, a masterpiece created by Mother Nature and state-of-the-art technology come together into a mysterious space.

Small-group wellness tourism bus tour “Journey for the Universe”
※ Only on November 24 (Sat), only 20 tickets available

An advantageous sightseeing round trip bus tour combined with a ticket for the “Star Cave 2018”. The bus tour is developed by Tanegashima University.
If you participate in the tour, you don`t need to do preliminary study before trip and arrange car rental. You can also enjoy the bar space “Falling Star Cave”. Besides Takayuki Ohiraira’s talk show, a lunch made of local ingredients, herbal tea, making watches, and much more other content! It is especially recommended for those coming from outside the island!


■ Event title: Space Art Tanegashima , “Star Cave 2018”
Date and time:
November 22, 2018 (Thursday)
Planetarium screening (inside the cave): 21:00-24:30
"Starry Sky Terrace" open hours: 19:30-23:00
"Falling Star Cave" bar space (inside the cave): 23:00-24:30

November 23 (Friday)
Planetarium screening (inside the cave): 21:30-24:30
"Starry Sky Terrace" open hours: 20:00-23:00
"Falling Star Cave" bar space (inside the cave): 23:00-24:30

November 24 (Saturday)
Planetarium screening (inside the cave): 22:00-24:30
"Starry Sky Terrace" open hours: 20:30-23:00
"Falling Star Cave" bar space (inside the cave): 23:00-24:30

Event venue: Tanegashima / Chikura Grotto (near Hamada Swimming Beach)
Tickets:【Price is the same for presale tickets and tickets bought after arrival】
Adults 1 500 yen, Children 1 000 yen ※ Elementary school pupils and younger FREE
※ Ticket sale start is scheduled from early October. (Internet, Tanegashima island)

■ Event title: Takayuki Ohira`s Talk show by the Tanegashima University
Date and time: November 23, 2018 (Friday) 14:00-15:00
Event venue: Minami-Tanecho, Central Public Hall, 1st Meeting Room

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