Lakhta Center Planetarium (St. Petersburg, Russia)

The most advanced planetarium in Russia is installed at the Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The Lakhta Centertallest is the tallest building in Europe.

The Lakhta Center Planetarium features two digital planetarium systems and a full-scale opto-mechanical projection system.  The opto-mechanical projector MEGASTAR-IIA is equipped with the world’s first “GIGAMASK” that  can project the world’s largest number of 1 billion stars.

Several brand new technologies are unveiled to amaze visitors. The opto-mechanical projection system is incorporated into digital planetarium systems with a single shared graphical user interface. For the first time the MEGASTAR opto-mechanical projection system works together with the SkyExplorer by RSA Cosmos as a hybrid solution. Innovative planet projectors installed in the dome periphery to minimize pit footprint in which the MEGASTAR star projector fully hides during digital-only shows.



Facility name: Lakhta Center Planetarium (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Location: Multi-functional building of the Lakhta Center, 2, Lakhtinskij Prospect, St. Petersburg, Russia
Model: MEGASTAR-IIA (ES), auxiliary projectors (Sun, Moon, 5 planets), star projector elevator by SERAPID
Dome specification: 14m diameter, tilted dome
Digital planetarium system: SkyExplorer by RSA Cosmos
Digital planetarium system: Fusion-ready SpaceTime360 by FrontPictures
System integrator: AVILab (Russia)
Date of installation: February, 2020 (public open was delayed because of COVID-19)

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