Lakhta Center Planetarium (St. Petersburg, Russia)

The most advanced planetarium in Russia is installed in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The Lakhta Center Planetarium features two digital planetarium systems and a full-scale opto-mechanical projection system.

Several brand new technologies are unveiled to amaze visitors. The opto-mechanical projection system is incorporated into digital planetarium systems with a single shared graphical user interface. For the first time the MEGASTAR opto-mechanical projection system works together with the SkyExplorer by RSA Cosmos as a hybrid solution. Innovative planet projectors installed in the dome periphery to minimize pit footprint in which the MEGASTAR star projector fully hides during digital-only shows.

Lakhta planetarium features world premier of a billion stars together by the MEGASTAR.


Facility name: Lakhta Center Planetarium (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Location: Multi-functional building of the Lakhta Center, 2, Lakhtinskij Prospect, St. Petersburg, Russia
Model: MEGASTAR-IIA (ES), auxiliary projectors (Sun, Moon, 5 planets), star projector elevator by SERAPID
Dome specification: 14m diameter, tilted dome
Digital planetarium system: SkyExplorer by RSA Cosmos
Digital planetarium system: Fusion-ready SpaceTime360 by FrontPictures
System integrator: AVILab (Russia)
Open for public: official public opening to be announced.

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