Geumnyeonsan Youth Training Center (Korea)

A newly built planetarium within the facility of the Geumryeonsan Youth Training Center in Busan Metropolitan City on the Geumnyeonsan Mountain, where a beautiful scenery from the summit and a night view are famous.
Planetarium operates MEGASTAR-IIB and a digital projection system “Maru – WorldWide Telescope” developed by Megauniverse (Korea) on the base of WorldWide Telescope. A star show using only MEGASTAR-IIB, a full digital show, hybrid show using both systems are available for the purpose of astronomy education.
There are accommodation facilities, astronomical observatory holding astronomical observation sessions.
※ Information in English is here.


Facility name: The Geumnyeonsan Youth Training Center (Busan Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea)
Location: 156, Hwangryeonsan-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
Dome specification: 9m diameter, horizontal dome
Open for public: February, 2017

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