AHHAA Sience Center (Estonia)

AHHAA Science Center is a leading science center in the Baltic countries. It has a unique collection of exhibits and scientific experiences for kids and adults. The Planetarium is a unique building with its dome made as a full sphere with glass barrier and floor for visitors. The projection is made by MEGASTAR-IIA* with auxiliary MEGASTAR-ZERO under the glass. Uniview digital system covers most of the sphere. It forms an integrated hybrid solution for planetariums with the support of SCISS and ORIHALCON.

* Upgraded from MEGASTAR-IIB in September 2016


Facility name: AHHAA Sience Center (Estonia)
Location: Sadama 1, 51004 Tartu, Estonia
Dome specification: 9.3m diameter, full sphere screen
Open for public: May, 2011

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