About MEGASTARConcept

Surrounded by the beauty of the skies... Touching the infinity of the Universe...

Like a falling star. Feel the dimenstions of the Universe.

Reproducing the stars of the infinite universe. The stars of our milky way… The sky which were there when the human being were born on this earth. A sky with 22 million stars which recover our memory as a race to our origins. It is Super Planetarium - MEGASTAR.

A Planetarium which produces 100 times more stars than conventional one.

Beginning from the elementary school he had a dream. Takayuki Ohira built his hand-made planetarium in early school days. He kept improving it until he could overtake conventional planetarium which were producing stars up to 6th or 7th magnitude (6000 - 30000 stars) and created MEGASTAR which debuted in 1998 in London demonstrating over million stars.
In June 2008, Ohira unveiled the most advanced model of the series - SUPER MEGASTAR-II with 22 million stars.
As for 2010 Ohira Tech released the MEGASTAR-IIB and MEGASTAR-IIA models designed for permanent installation in middle and large domes.

It is the planetarium which reminds us of our belonging to the Galaxy

Why all these numbers of stars? There are over 100 billion stars in our Galaxy alone. However to the naked eye in perfect conditions we can see around 6000 stars. This number is quite bigger if you watch the space from the orbit, and is much higher when you use telescopes. Ohira had a dream to create a faithfully real sky which contains all these faint stars.
When people watch MEGASTAR shows they are touched by the beauty of our sky. They even cry… Probably the stars in the vast Universe make us deeply appreciate the importance of life on our planet whilst undoubtedly demonstrating our unlimitedly small existence.

Reliable planetarium for long life installations

MEGASTAR permanent installation models MEGASTAR-IIA, MEGASTAR-IIB and MEGASTAR-ZERO are all LED lamp based. Low consumption devices with reliable mechanics. MEGASTAR projectors are designed to serve long with no or basic maintenance.


MEGASTAR are created to be integrated with digital planetarium systems. MEGASTAR starballs produces a brilliant starfield to which digital systems can add explanations and guides features (Grids, Constellations, etc). Hybrid solutions are available with AstroArts’s StellaDome, Digistar from Evans & Sutherland as well and Uniview from Sciss and SkySkan’s Digital Sky. MEGASTAR system is open for integration with digital systems.