In Ohira Tech, Takayuki Ohira, the creator of the first professional portable planetarium projector, developed the Megastar Class, which is the first compact and portable opto-mechanical star projector to simulate a full sky starry environment. This was possible due to the use of an ultra-bright LED light source, original metallic star plates manufactured by Ohira Tech, and a fish-eye projection lens.

CLASS is acronym of Compact, Light, Accurate, Simple and Silent.
It projects over one million stars in thier real positions and magnitude, on full dome surface.
It demonstrates diurnal motion of the stars and a special lights effect such as Twilight, blue sky, and other effects.
Megastar Class is optimal to use in private dark space as well as business and show space such as bars, restaurants, spa and other facilities.

Starry night sky in your sleeping room

Stars of our Earth

The Megastar Class represents real sky as seen from 35 degree North Sky.
It is a new compact planetarium device, only 4kg in weight. The smallest of Megastar series.
Milky way, as in full scale Megastar devices, represented as a numerous tiny stars just the way it really is.

Special space

Switch off the lamps, and the room turns into a starry space.

It comes with a handy controller to easy manupulate the device.
It also can be controlled via your android smartphone via special application from Ohira Tech.

No cooling fans, a truly silent device that can be used in sleeping rooms, and quiet facilities.

1 million stars

Megastar Class is facilitated with wide range RGB LED lights that can simulate Sunset colors, twilights colors, as well as other effects and color modes.
The device has timers for sleeping, wakeup, off for daily uses and simulating night and day atmosphere.

My own stars!

This is the milky way! i have seen it!

Model Name
Delivery started
March 2016
Unit price
1,300,000 JPY (excluding tax)
Available colors
Black & White
Number of projected stars
Over 1 Million
Light source
Ultra bright LED
RGB Full color LED (twilight, blue sky, and other effects)
Projection area
Up to 3.5m from the device (7m. diameter) *details
Diurnal motion as for 35 degrees Northern Hemisphere
Optimal projection conditions
Fully dark
Functioning temperature/Humidity
5~35 deg / max80%
Version2.1+Enhanced Data Rate(EDR) Class2
35W max(case of AC100 - 240V)
190mm (diameter)×240mm (height)
4kg + controller
Handy controller, AC adapter (100 - 240V), cables, lens covers, and user manual
1 year
Cataloge (PDF)
Manual (PDF)


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