The NanoDimmer is Ohira Tech Ltd.’s patent-pending lighting system using an LED of ultra-wide contrast range.
Conventional LED brightness controllers have limited contrast ranges due to LED response.

In dark environments, such as planetarium domes, cove lights are often used for illumination. However, the brightness of these lights cannot be lowered below a significantly high threshold level.
Due to this limitation, conventional planetarium cove lights cannot be used to simulate nautical or astronomical twilights.

The NanoDimmer was born to solve this problem. It is developed by Ohira Tech, the manufacturer of Megastar, the world’s first multimillion projector, and the first LED star projector.

NanoDimmer works with three colors RGB bright strips, enabling an ultra-wide contrast rate of 1 in 10 million.

Ultra-wide contrast range (the world’s highest range)
Enables a full-range smooth transition from faintest to brightest light
Full color, Supports RGB 3 colors
Computer and DMX control
Can function with various types of LED strips of 24 V