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Ohira Tech lanches the Solid State Shutter tecnhology for MEGASTAR-IIA models

Ohira Tech.’s new technology. The world’s first solid state electronic shutter in Megastar-IIA (ES).
Megastar-IIA is part of the Megastar series optical planetarium projectors. It is made for large scale theatres up to or over 20 meters. Along with Megastar-IIB and Megastar-Zero is covers all theatre sizes.
Megastar optical projectors are technological leaders in planetarium industry in many aspects. They were first to implement the ultra bright LED light source, and first to exceed the 10 million stars in their projection.
Now, a new feature, a new step toward the integration of digital system with optical systems had been done. The solid state electronic shutter can prevent the light from coming below the horizon level in any shape dome, not only this, but it can mask any region in the sky so that optical stars do not project on this area. And this is done without any mechanical parts. See the photo explanation below. 110203press_solid.jpg

The first MEGASTAR-IIA with electronic shutter is installed in Hitachi Civic Center in Ibaraki Prefecture, Hitachi city in Japan. The second starball, and first abroad of Japan is in Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, Poland. ※1【Hitachi Civic Center】
Address:〒317-0073 Ibaraki Prefecture, Hitachi city, SaiwaiCho 1-21-1
TEL:0294-24-7731   FAX:0294-24-7975
URL: (天球劇場)

※2【Copernicus Science Center】 
Located in Warsaw, Poland. A newly built science museum. Address:Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20, 00-390 Warsaw, Poland
TEL:+48-22-596-4-110/111   FAX:+48-22-492-05-00