Sky Planetarium Opens in Roppongi Hills - Mori tower. A full 3D sky!


101109sky_planetarium1.JPG A new style in the planetarium world. The exibition is hold in the Mori Arts Center Gallery at Roppongi Hills. The Sky Planetarium, is until February 13, 2011. The Sky planetarium has three zones. The first, simulates the night sky over a scale model of Tokyo, All created by digital projection of 10 separate projectors. The second zone, is the 3D Sky Walk, It is a 4000 single stars filling the room simulating not only the star locations as they are seen from earth, but thier various distances. The background is filled with million of stars projected by the Megastar. The third zone is supplied with Uniview digital system, and simulates a voyage from earth to the outer reaches of the known universe. The entire experience is not only enjoyable, but educational as well.

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