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The best sky on Earth

  • During Projection. (Photo by Takuya Okawa)
  • Sold out!
  • Super MEGASTAR-II Preimier
  • My Planetarium during high school
  • My Planetarium during high school
  • 22 million stars!

During Projection

The most advanced model and flagship of MEGASTAR series Super MEGASTAR II. 22 million stars astonished the world when first presented during IPS in Chicago in 2008. This same Super MEGASTAR II was first presented in Japan in a 23 meters dome with original program (the best sky on Earth).
The show was completely full, and a lot of people could not manage to get in to the show.

Event NameThe best sky on Earth
Event date8 ~ 17, August ,2008t
Event PlaceChiba Museum of Science and Industry
SposnorsChiba Museum of Science and Industry
Capacity300 people
Dome diameter23meters, 30 degree sloping dome
ModelSuper MEGASTAR-II + Full sky image system (OGDS3)
TV ProgramOhira Tech.
BroadcasteTakayuki Ohira (narration) and others
Auxiliary devices4ch sound
OperationFully automated operation (one part was left manula for Ohira's speech)
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