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Tezuka Osamu CosmoZone Theater

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CosmoZone Theater

In 2005, after 35 years of break, Japan Expo exhibition were reopened again. In the satellite exhibition hall (Sasasima Satellite) MEGASTAR-II provided long run shows.
In Tezuka Osamu Cosmo Zone Theater Ohira Tech introduced the recent at that time planetarium projector - TITAN. That was a show of 5 million stars with a full dome digital images system (OGDS).

Event NameTezuka Osamu CosmoZone Theater
Event date18 March, 2005 ~ 25 September 2005
Event PlaceAichi Expo Sasashima Satellite Hall (De.La.Fantasia)
SposnorsNagoya, Group Fantasy (Tokyu fudosan, Hal network, Sanoyasu, Hishinomeisyo, Takenaka Corporation, Sintotusin, i-works and others
Capacity200 people
Dome diameter18 Meters
TV ProgramTAJIMA HIDEKI OFFICE LTD, Tezuka Production
BroadcastTezuka Rumiko (narration) and others
Auxiliary devicesOGDS-II Full sky digital images system, 4 channels sound
OperationFully auto operated
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