Enjoy! Starry sky!

Enjoy! Starry sky!Enjoy! Starry sky!

Make a planetarium! Enjoy the beauty of the sky

Here we will see how planetariums can demonstrate us the beauty of the sky and teach us the harmony of the cosmos.

Making a planetarium at home

Let's make a planetarium!!
Desktop planetarium

The magnificent space which surrounds us at night can be shown in dome planetarium. When I was a child I had a dream to make planetarium. I made one in my room at home… Let’s see how I was able to make it.

This project is part of Takagi Takeo's delightful book on astronomical observations (In Japanese切りぬく本・たのしい天体観測用具) published in 1979 by and is now out of print. Refer to PCFan journal (Mainichi Communications) of August, 17 on 1998 to get extra information and support about this article (In Japanese)