About MEGASTARCurrent Research

MEGASTAR Evolition

Ohira Tech. is demonstrating a world level star Projectors (MEGASTAR Series). Here you can have a look on the current research been held in Ohira Tech.

Undertaken Research

MEGASTAR Sky with constellationsMEGASTAR star with Digital planetarium constellations
A research for Next Generation Planetariums

MEGASTAR is a high quality optical Planetarium Projector which produces stars. To answer the contemporary world demands of complex Planetarium shows, Ohira Tech is conducting various research to apply digital Planetariums along with optical MEGASTAR in science centers or entertainments centers. It is a research for the next Planetarium Generation.

Original Effects

AutogeometryFully automated autogeometry function
JAXA Open Lab

In a venture of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) for business training systems (Open Lab) which ended in January 2008, few systems were created among which it is worthy to mention Autogeometry and FITS image server.
Autogeometry is a system where the optical projector MEGASTAR uses a laser beam to configure itself to work with a digital planetarium in real dome. Traditionally this tuning between the optical and digital planetariums is done by hand, and is complicated and time consuming procedure which has to be repeated if any of the projectors were moved. The Autogeometry between these two systems is the first of its kind working model in the world. The maintenance and cost of such system is significantly less than the conventional systems.
Another system is the FITS image server. It is a database of image files (FITS), which can be accessed over the Internet and contains huge collection of astronomical images and MEGASTAR related information.

Research facility

Sakado children's centerSakado children's center
Dome in Sakado Children's Center

Ohira Tech has tide relationship with the Sakado Children's Center in Saitama Prefecture. The 10m dome there is being used by Ohira Tech to conduct experiments and new research applications. Also the locals and children of Sakado get a chance to enjoy first the new applications before they become available elsewhere.