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A Beautiful Sky, A sky of millions of stars where science and art come together. A Sky which only MEGASTAR is powerful for

A beautiful Sky. A brilliant Milky Way. A Sky of science & Art. In March 2010, The Full series of the new Planetarium Generation is now LED based.
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The whole series now and for the first time in Planetarium industry apply LED ultra bright lamp as light source. There is no need to change the lamp for over 10 years. Comparing with traditional projectors which apply high voltage discharge lamp, it is a revolutionary step. It is notably safer device, with low consumption - an environment friendly device. Also, the rotational electrical devices are sealed in precious metallic slip rings eliminating the traditional necessity of cleaning or exchanging the difficult accessible parts.


  • MEGASTAR's Milky Way: Click on the image to get it enlarged.

MEGASTAR projects million of stars, is it thousands times higher than the number of stars visible by naked eye. However, these are all real stars with thier real locations, which can be seen using binocular or simple Telescope. Over hundred Clusters and Nebulae can also be seen in MEGASTAR sky. Individual projectors for the bright stars. They twinkle like on earth. MEGASTAR simulates all Sky motions.

Milky Way

In traditional Planetariums, Milky Way is shown as cloud of fog. In MEGASTAR, to be as closest as possible to reality, the Milky Way is shown as million of innumerable precision pinpoint stars.


MEGASTAR is portable. It can be carried and can be loaded into ordinary car.

Original Effects

Hybrid show with Sky Skan's Digital Planetariun (DigitalSky-II) during IPS2008 in Chicago.Hybrid show with Sky Skan's Digital Planetariun (DigitalSky-II) during IPS2008 in Chicago.

MEGASTAR is an optical star projector. Research been conducted on hybrid solutions (MEGASTAR optical sky projector and a digital Planetarium system).

Auto synchronization with Digital Planetariums

The “auto calibration” feature with digital Planetariums. This allows MEGASTAR in short time to auto configure itself to function synchronically with the digital Planetarium. This makes it easy to install MEGASTAR optical system with Digital Planetariums even in temporary domes! If any of the projectors is misplaced, reconfiguration is automatic and fast. The MEGASTAR optical projector is not necessary to be in the very center of the dome.